Reusable DNA


Build a library of reusable content and items that can support high quality learning.



  • More than 10% of HE faculty contribute at least one approved DNA.
  • More than 25% of new courses use at least one DNA.



Encouraging educators and public and private providers to create reusable learning objects (RLOs) that can be reused, scaled and shared from a central online repository in the support of instruction and learning by:

Creating clear public standards for RLOs and 
searchable metadata that maps skills and learning objectives, reusable in multiple
contexts, flexible enough to be updated.

Providing training, awareness and incentives for RLO creation.

Enable quality assurance of RLOs  through peer review and screening by ETEC and NeLC e.g. random auditing.

Allow the reusable learning objects to be accessed through FutureX and
repackaged depending on the needs of the content creators