About NeLC

The National eLearning Center was established as an independent entity by the Council of Ministers decision No. (35) in 1439 H. NeLC aims to enhance trust in online learning, facilitate equitable access to relevant lifelong online learning, and lead sustainable innovation in online learning to provide trusted online learning for all.


A global center of excellence in digital learning


Accelerate, orchestrate & regulate the creation of a collaborative ecosystem that is agile and responsive to changing needs


Agile Capabilities

Collaborative Ecosystem

Trusted Learning


Agile Capabilities

7.Ensure high skilled and competent digital learning instructors

8.Accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of emerging technologies

9.Lead Evidence-based research & innovation

Collaborative Ecosystem

4.Promote interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, inter-sector & international collaboration

5.Coordinate the development, curation & sharing of curriculum & capabilities

6.Accelerate adaption of digital learning to be the norm

Trusted Learning

1.Ensure access to relevant & personalized Lifelong learning experience for all

2.Lead ecosystem-wide data integration enabling real-time, data-driven interventions

3.Ensure quality of digital learning ecosystem & recognition of credentials