Usage Policy


Terms of Use

  As a user of the platform / website, you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms and conditions described - whether you are a registered user or not. To your knowledge, these terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, your access and entry to the platform / website is an agreement to the terms and conditions of use and this approval is effective as of the date of your first use. The use of the platform / website may include a number of terms and conditions that are subject to continuous updates and changes as needed and any amendment or update to any of these terms and conditions becomes effective immediately upon approval by the National Center for e-Learning which requires you to constantly review the terms of use. The center disclaims its responsibility When you do not continuously review these terms to see any updates made to them, your continuous use of this platform / website means that you are familiar with them and fully accept any amendment to the terms and conditions of use.

Usage Restrictions

  As a user of the platform / website, you must use it for legitimate purposes only and acknowledge that you are responsible for any use that may violate the laws applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By entering the platform / website, you agree to refrain from using the platform / website in order to commit a crime or encourage others to take any action that is considered an information crime or to enter or publish any contents of a partisan - political or illegal nature that includes discrimination, defamation or abuse, and use them in contravention of cyber security policies, such as downloading any content or programs that contain viruses, or programs that may change, damage, or delete any content on the platform, or impede its work.

You must also adhere not to publish or broadcast any advertisement or promotional material, or any form of promotion or publication of any content that you did not receive permission to publish from its owner or that conflicts with the intellectual property rights of others, and not to collect, store or impersonate the personal information of others or claiming to belong to a government or private company or institution without authorization.


  The National Center for e-Learning is committed to facilitating users' access to the platform / website in line with the needs of all beneficiary groups. It also provides descriptive fields for all media and files to ensure that they are read and accessible. The center also makes every effort to ensure that the platform / website is accessible, but there may be some problems. When you encounter a problem, please inform the center's support team about it via the call center or via the contact form (contact us).

Intellectual Property Rights

The National Center for e-Learning is the owner of the platform and owns the rights to publish and use its content in accordance with the copyright protection system. This includes the improved or modified software in it or the center's own and affiliated content that is published on it like texts, images, audio and video clips, databases, design, codes and software. Moreover, part of the content may be subject to the public domain and another part may be subject to the rights of third parties such as intellectual property rights.

The center also works to provide links for the facilitation purpose, simplification purpose or informational purposes, and those links do not have any promotional contents related to goods, services, or information. When you choose links to an external website, you are subject to the terms and conditions of the owner of that external website, and they do not refer to acknowledgement, sponsorship or affiliation with the third party’s website. In addition, the center does not review or control the content of third-party websites and disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of their content and its non-violation of the law.

Retention of rights and notification of changes

 The National Center for e-Learning reserves the right to review, follow-up, and demand editing or deletion of any content or information that is submitted and added to the platform, according to the center’s discretion and in compliance with regulations or legal procedures, or responding to complaints of third parties or for example enforcing this policy.


When you want to inform the National Center for e-Learning of a violation of intellectual property rights or a violation of the press and publishing law, you must fill out the notification form available on the platform, taking into account the following:

  • Determining the action that violates intellectual property rights or the press and publishing law, and if this includes several works, an illustrative list of them must be provided.
  • Providing the necessary amount of information to enable the center to take the necessary actions.
  • Providing the complainer’s contact information via the (contact us) form.
  • Making sure that the reported content as a violation is protected by the terms.
  • Exercising accuracy when submitting data is considered under legal liability.

Limitation of Liability

The responsibility for using the platform / website lies on the platform user, and the National Center for e-Learning is exempted from any responsibilities or any damage arising from providing the content and metadata “as is' ' without any warranty or representation of any kind whether expressed or implied. This includes without limitation: representations of accuracy, completeness, merchantability, alignment for a particular use, and warranties, whether direct or indirect.

Availability Scope

Unless otherwise specified, some of the services available on the platform / website are only within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and some are outside it.

Scope of Use

The National Center for e-Learning allows users to view and save the content of the platform / website for personal and educational use, not for commercial use. It is not permissible to access the platform / website or the networks connected to them or the computer system in illegal ways. The user may also be subject to legal accountability in the event that the content is used for commercial purposes, such as selling it, or selling materials, products, or services related to the content, and the content may not be used to promote or advertise products or services, except after obtaining a written approval from the National Center for e-Learning.

Payment and Refund Policies

The payment and refund policy on the platform that requires financial claims is subject to the policies of the National Center for e-Learning which is based on the instructions of implementation, finance and accountability of the General Budget Statement.

Judicial Disputes and the Applicable System

These terms and conditions and any subsequent amendments thereto shall be subject and interpreted to the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any disputes between the National Center for e-Learning and between entities and individuals regarding this policy shall be resolved amicably. In the event that the parties do not reach a solution within (15) days from the date of reporting the dispute or claim in writing to one of the parties by the other party, either party may refer such dispute or claim to the competent judicial authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Termination of Use

The National Center for e-Learning has the right, as it deems appropriate, to terminate or suspend your access to and use of the platform / website without any notice and for any reason whatsoever. This includes the violation of these terms and conditions or because of any behavior that the center may deem to be contrary to its systems and policies. In the event of termination, you will no longer be able to access the platform / website.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)   

The National eLearning Center seeks to improve the quality of services provided to the user by providing online services through the center’s website for the purpose of facilitating and accelerating the completion of services for users, noting that the specified period for completing and implementing these services will be after completing all the required information and necessary documents by the user. This does not include the period taken if the service requires the presence of a third party. All users must also adhere to the terms and conditions of each service as stated in the services guide.