The National eLearning Center Launches the “Criteria for Excellence in Online Learning”



The National eLearning Center launched The Criteria for Excellence in online Learning after conducting a comprehensive international benchmarking; these criteria were approved by the Center’s Board of Directors in their 7th meeting chaired by the Minster of Education Dr. Hamed Al-AlSheikh. The Center co-developed and reviewed these criteria with a number of prestigious international institutions including The Online Learning Consortium, one of the leading institutions in the field of eLearning, and 40 national and international experts from: Korea, China, USA, UK, New Zealand, and other experts from different European countries. In addition to a committee from UNESCO.

 The criteria cover all the key aspects of k-12, HE, Vocational and lifelong learning sectors, focusing on the aspects related to designing and implementing eLearning programs, which include blended learning, online course design, virtual classroom, online teaching, program administration, institutions, MOOCs, online learning platforms, video production and online learning Administration.

These criteria aim to enhance excellence in eLearning practices and promote the competitiveness in terms of services quality. All eLearning programs and institutions can access Criteria for Excellence in Online Learning on the Center’s website.  

The Center’s recently launched the Basic Online Learning Standards for obtaining the required licenses to enable institutions and programs to provide, Govern and regulate eLearning services, enhance trust in the eLearning programs and outcomes and promote the eLearning sector’s efficiency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure providing sustainable programs, in addition to evaluating and monitoring their quality in alignment with these criteria that have been developed according to the latest studies.