Signing a memorandum of understanding with the General Authority for the Care of the Two Holy Mosques



The National eLearning Center signed a joint MoU with the General Authority for the Care of the Two Holy Mosques, which includes a set of items aimed at developing and improving educational and training activities in the Two Holy Mosques, and enhancing cooperation in the eLearning and training.

The MoU aims to develop and improve educational activities in the Two Holy Mosques. It also includes several items that contribute to developing human capabilities by enabling eLearning and training, in support of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Most notably, qualifying workers in the Two Holy Mosques in eLearning and training and granting them professional certificates. Additionally, it aims to use modern technologies in learning processes in the Two Holy Mosques, promoting learning projects directed to visitors and pilgrims, and strengthening the eLearning project in the Holy Mosques Institute. This includes holding development workshops to plan for eLearning, linking with accredited institutions and training platforms to exchange information, and sharing open educational resources to enhance and enrich reliable educational content. Furthermore, it aims to collaborate in studies and research, and exchange data  between the two parties through the National eLearning Platform (FutureX) .

The collaboration between the two parties is expected to continue for a period of three years, during which the foundations for educational and training projects will be laid. This includes qualifying human resources and building joint initiatives that enhance eLearning and training in the Two Holy Mosques. This contributes to achieving the objectives of Pilgrims Experience Program and enriches the pilgrims' worship experience.