The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is launching the" Tamouh " initiative in partnership with the National eLearning Center



MHRSD, in partnership with NeLC, launched the "Tamouh" initiative at the Centre's headquarters in Riyadh, to promote the career and human capability development of employees in government institutions, through the learning platform "FutureX" which is one of the Center's initiatives, that helps to enable integration between providers and beneficiaries by linking educational program providers, educational platform service providers, and educational content creators.

Tamouh initiative aims to provide access to more than 30,000 programs and courses provided by local and international platforms via the "FutureX" platform for employees in government institutions to enhance their capabilities and skills.

Through this initiative, the Ministry of Human Resources, in partnership with NeLC, seeks to improve the professional development of employees in the government sectors using high-quality eLearning resources and to enable the performance of government institutions to be measured by following up the employee's learning journey in educational and training programs offered in digital mode.

Tamouh is part of a series of initiatives resulting from the strategy of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to upskill and reskill government employees, in accordance with the objectives and standards of the Saudi Vision 2030.