National eLearning Center Announces AI Framework in Digital Learning


NeLC established a comprehensive framework for the use of AI in digital learning in the Kingdom, to develop guidelines, policies and tools supporting the use of AI at all levels of education, from K-12 to higher education and lifelong learning. It promotes digital learning and supports innovation. It is driven by the Kingdom's belief in the potential of AI for progress and development in teaching and learning.

The framework's objectives include providing a comprehensive guide to support decision-makers in using AI in learning, and developing, managing and assessing its use in learning. The framework also aims at enabling the use of AI in the education sector in the Kingdom, as well as supporting and promoting innovation in digital learning.

The framework consists of 9 main dimensions: leadership, curriculum design and content development, teaching and learning, assessment and performance monitoring, ethics and responsible use, technology and security standards and data privacy, student support, professional development, evaluation and continuous improvement.

Through these dimensions, the framework aims to integrate AI into all aspects of the educational process, from institutions and programs to providing individual support to students and developing educators' skills; The framework also promotes responsible ethics and practices according to the best international standards to ensure that AI is used in ways that ensure privacy and security.

This framework reflects the Kingdom's continued automation and digitization of information and the development of learning methods using modern technology, in anticipation of the future and to take advantage of the opportunities available in line with the National Transformation Program and support Saudi Vision 2030. AI is expected to play an essential role in the future of digital learning, enhancing its quality and enabling the entire educational system to meet future challenges.

This step is important to promote innovation and development in the field of digital learning in the Kingdom. AI is expected to improve the educational experience, achieve significant progress in the performance of institutions and individuals, and develop their capabilities to meet the needs of the labor market in accordance with future requirements.