The National eLearning Center Examines Trends and Opportunities in eLearning with the Private Sector



In its meeting with the business sector in the Riyadh Chamber, the National eLearning Center reviewed the main initiatives and roles offered by the Center to entrepreneurs and investors which involved a number of investment opportunities in educational services, including artificial intelligence services,  techniques to prevent plagiarism, operating eLearning projects, training for professional certificates in eLearning, technical connectivity, learning platforms and lessons, development of digital programs and curricula and school management.

The Deputy Director General of the Center for Qualification and Licensing, Mohammad Al-Shewaier, indicates that the Center seeks to enhance the private sector's opportunities in eLearning by enabling institutions to provide a trusted eLearning and training experience in order to raise capacities in accordance with the best international and local experiences and practices. He pointed that the number of licenses issued by the Center to institutions and programs amounted to more than 1,800, indicating a number of initiatives and services offered by the Center in Qualification.

He explains that the National eLearning Platform (FutureX) was one of the Centre's initiatives to enable the private sector to provide integrated services in the ecosystem, He adds that the number of beneficiaries of the Platform's services was about (250). He stresses that the National eLearning Centre is built on the 3 pillars; quality and governance, research and innovation, and integration with institutions and partners, all of which supported private sector development.