NeLC announces start of application for Professional Certificates in eLearning



NeLC announced on Wednesday the start of application for professional certificates for in eLearning (Advanced Level); to qualify and enable eLearning practitioners, by granting them specialized professional certificates that contribute to the improvement of their academic and professional careers to meet the rapidly changing and transformative requirements in the sector.

Registration now is open in 3 professional certificates (Advanced L)evel until Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, a specialized test for each certificate will be held in 26 locations in different regions of the Kingdom, in cooperation with the Education and Training Evaluation Commission represented in the National Center for Assessment - Qiyas, and with the full support and  according to the requirements of the Human Resources Development Fund – HADAF.

The professional certifications (Advanced Level) are divided into: the Professional Certificate in Online Teaching\Training (OTT), which targets teachers, faculty, and instructors, and all providers of eLearning programs, the Professional Certificate in eLearning Experience Design (eLXD) targets training portfolio designers, eLearning experience designers, instructional designers, eContent designers, teachers and faculty, instructional design practitioners , and the Professional Certificate in eLearning Quality Assurance  (eLQA) targets eLearning quality assurance officers, eLearning programs supervisors, eLearning programs arbitrators, educational supervisors, principals and assistant principals.

The professional certificates (Advanced level) are valid for 4 years from the date of issuance. It was launched in its previous version on August 13th, 2022, and held its tests in all administrative regions of the Kingdom, attended by +1900 male and female individuals, from various sectors. The total number of professional certificate holders reached 1435 individuals who passed the test with an average of 72% of the total participants.

The certificates are launched based on the latest standards and controls, to enable and qualify their holders to practice their eLearning profession efficiently and reliably, according to the best and latest practices in the field, thus contributing to improving their knowledge, developing their skills and capabilities, to achieve excellence in performance and raising the quality of education, achieving the objectives of the Human Capability Development Program.

All individuals who are interested in obtaining professional certificates (Advanced level), and who meet the eligibility criteria for the certificate, are urged to register on the website ( 

Contact details: Tel.:920015991