+1,300 institutions and programs nominated for eLearning Innovation Award



NeLC announced the end of the application period for eLearning Innovation Award in its first edition, which lasted 3 months since its announcement.

The arbitration phase begins today and until Sunday, October 1st, 2023>The winners of the Award will be announced soon.

During this period, more than 1,300 nominated institutions and programs that met the conditions and standards for each of the three main tracks of the award, which are: Excellence, Innovation, and Impact. The Excellence Award is granted to institutions that rigorously apply the criteria for excellence in their licensed programs by NeLC, the Innovation Award is granted to institutions of innovative technologies and practices in the eLearning sector, and the Impact Award is granted to the most effective and efficient institutions in human capability development and implementing the eLearning initiatives.

eLearning Innovation Award aims to raise the quality of eLearning programs, stimulate innovation by highlighting the best solutions and practices in the sector, and recognizing the efforts made in eLearning delivery and human capability development.