Issuance of 39 licenses during July 2022



The National eLearning Center announces the issuance of 39 licenses to provide eLearning in July 2022 for K12 and higher education, training and various institutions providing eLearning programs. The Center issued 12 licenses for institutions and 27 licenses for programs after fulfilling the Center’s requirements and standards. which brings the total number of institutions that were licensed to 260, while the total number of licensed programs amounted to 484 programs.

Through these licenses, the Center aims to govern and control the quality of eLearning, raise the efficiency of eLearning in the Kingdom, enhance trust in eLearning and enable the provision of sustainable programs and outcomes that are in line with the labor market needs, through the development of basic skills. future skills, and knowledge development, as eLearning is one of the key enablers for human capability development.

The Center continues to receive licensing applications through the Center’s website