NELC Provides 6 Professional Certificates in eLearning & Training


The National eLearning Center announced the start date for applying to the professional certificates in eLearning and training. These certificates aim to qualify practitioners by offering professional certificates that enhance their knowledge and develop their skills and capabilities. This contributes to achieving excellence in performance, raising quality, and promoting trust in eLearning and training practices.


These professional certificates are designated for practitioners in eLearning and training, including teachers, faculty members, trainers, eLearning program leaders and supervisors, quality specialists, educational designers, content developers, or technical support specialists in higher education, K-12, training or learning and training platforms of public and private sectors, along with the third-party sector in the Kingdom. To enhance the readiness of eLearning and training institutions, strengthen their competitiveness, and meet the needs of capability building for their employees which will enable them to innovate and acquire digital skills that contribute to achieving the desired educational goals.


The Center offers 6 different professional certificates: Online Teaching/Training (OTT), eLearning Experience Design (eLXD), eLearning Quality Assurance (eLQA), eLearning Content Development (eLCD), eLearning (eLL), and eLearning Technical Support (eLTS). Each of these certificates has two levels: the Foundation Level and the Advanced Level. According to predefined eligibility criteria, the qualified group will apply for the professional certificates. In addition, an evaluation form is developed based on the main domains of the certificates which include competencies and indicators.


The Center confirmed that all practitioners in eLearning and training can now apply for the OTT Professional Certificate which is approved by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). The training on the foundation level will be provided by accredited institutions. Moreover, the Center works in complementarity with the Education & Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC) to conduct national centralized exams by the ETEC for those who desire to obtain a certificate at the advanced level.


The National eLearning Center advocates all practitioners and individuals interested in enhancing their knowledge and developing their skills to apply on the website: for further inquiries, call (9200 15991) or send an email to: