Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between NELC and MOH for Enhancing Integration and Human Capability Development in Healthcare Sector



On 7 Monday, March 2022, the National eLearning Center (NELC) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health (MOH). This memorandum aims to enhance the cooperation between the two parties in the fields of education, training and professional development, and to ensure the quality of eLearning in the MOH in accordance with the Center’s standards. The memorandum was signed by H.E the Director General of the National eLearning Center Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad AlWalidi and H.E. the Ministry of Health Deputy Minister for Human Resources Mr. Abdul-Rahman AlAiban.

This memorandum aims to achieve integration by establishing specialized training pathways through the National eLearning Platform (FutureX), for developing human capital in the healthcare sector; promoting joint efforts to expand eLearning offerings in the Ministry of Health; and optimizing their quality through applying the eLearning standards. Also, the memorandum aims to utilize the eLearning Professional Certificates provided by the Center to enable leadership and eLearning providers in the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammad AlWalidi confirmed that “this agreement is part of a series of agreements to be signed with several institutions in the field eLearning within the framework of integration for human capability development in the healthcare sector, through our local and international partners.”

Mr. Abdul-Rahman AlAiban stated that “This agreement emphasizes the significance of integration among public institutions to advance the services and achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency. It also enhances the technical skills of eLearning solutions, and develops the digital content delivered to our employees according to the latest global practices.”

This agreement comes within the ceaseless efforts made by the two parties to provide trusted and high-quality online learning that develops human capability in the healthcare sector.