Provide innovative flexible learning pathways relevant to the needs of the labor market.


-More than 10,000 courses and programs.

-More than 500,000 learning within the first 3 years. 

-More than 20 university and employer partners.



 - Develop a set of pathways offered through a centralized platform to students and employees (on a B2B2C model), linking learners to specific skills with a clear connection to specific jobs.

 -Targeted offerings for high school students, higher education students, and professional development for those already in the workforce.Offerings will include over 10,000 courses programs, programs and professional certificate opportunities through the FutureX platform.

 - Initial proposed focus areas include Digital Skills, Design, Art, and Music,Engineering and Science, Thinking and Life Skills, Business Skills, and a range of Professional Certificates.

 - Pathways will be recognized by relevant institutions and offer flexible,stackable credentials, with a unified learner record (linking to My Learner Passport initiative) allowing for transferability and analytics.

 - Additional benefit will be greater efficiency through an integrated platform due to better pricing.