Apply for Professional Certificates

Professional Certificates

  1.  Professional Certificate in Online Teaching\ Training (OTT)
  2.  Professional Certificate in eLearning Experience Design (eLXD)
  3.  Professional Certificate in eLearning Quality Assurance (eLQA) 

Professional Certificates Levels

  - Foundation level

  - Advanced level

Eligibility Criteria

  - Bachelor's degree in any field (Minimum requirement - Foundation Level)

  - Requirements depend on the type of certificate (Advanced Level)

Certificate Validity Period

  - 1 Year (Foundation Level)

  - 4 Years (Advanced Level)

Required Documents

Depends on the type of certificate.

Required Experience

Depends on the type of certificate.

HRDF Support

Reimbursements for the certificate cost paid by the applicant (Advanced Level) are made based on the terms and controls of the HRDF. 

Service duration

vary according to the level of certification.

Service cost

Foundation Level (500 SAR) Advance Level (1000 SAR)