MY Learning Passport


 Ensure achievements are captured as learners move between stages and institutions.


  •  More than 80% of HE students use passports during their studies.
  •  More than 80% of major employers take passport records into account in hiring and HR decisions.


 Provide a single, integrated digital ID and record to learners across their educational lifecycle and into the workforce:

  •  Allows access to online educational portals through SSO, including FutureX
  •  Tracking skills gained, credentials and qualifications earned through blockchain.
  •  Connects all credentials-relevant academic institutions in KSA, e.g.,certificates equalization department, academic institutions, and Safeer, to ensure seamless updates to student profiles based on their academic progression.
  •  Utilizes blockchain to increase efficiency, confidentiality, and potential to be a seamless international identifier of students academic progression.