Institution License Issuance

 A license that aims to ensure the ability and readiness of the institution to provide eLearning according to the NeLC standards.


 - Fill the online form on the Licensing Platform.

- Attach the authorization letter (certified by the Chamber of Commerce for the private sector).

- Attach the Commercial Register (private sector).

- Attach a license to practice learning or training activity (private sector).

- Meet the institution’s licence standards.

- Pay the fees.


 - The term of the license is 4 years, starting from the date of issuance.

 - Compliance with institution license standards during the validity period of the license.

 - The fees are non-refundable.

 - Obtain the program license to practice the learning or training activity. 

 - All licensing requests are subject to the policies, requirements and regulations of the NeLC.

Service duration

15 Business days

Service cost

HE fees 60,000 Arbitration fees 30,000 K-12 fees 30,000 Arbitration fees 5,000 Training fees 8,000 Arbitration fees 3,000 The compliance and quality fees paid for one year