Help learners to navigate the system, finding opportunities and matching to job needs. 



  • More than 20% of eligible users with an account on the platform.

  • More than 95% user satisfaction.

  • More than 5 reports produced per year on progress in eLearning.



Support and guide learners throughout their education journey into employment. 

Tailored guidance:

resources to help learners at all levels navigate the opportunities available to them through FutureX and other platforms.

Industry connector:

provide opportunities for learners to be connected to, coached and mentored by private sector leads in relevant fields, and to receive apprenticeship and career guidance.

AI screenings:

support for instructors at each level from early childhood to identify talented learners or those with particular learning needs and connect them to suitable resources.

Analytics for learning:

integration of data to enable system-level assessment of what is working for particular groups of learners and suitable interventions.

eLearning indicator:

develop an integrated indicator of performance across eLearning ecosystem which enables

international benchmarking.