EdTech Marketplace


Enable private sector growth by creating a platform for matching offerings with demand.


 - More than 15 partnerships with EdTech players (local and global).

 - More than 30% increase in satisfaction with tools available to schools, universities and employers.


Support suppliers to develop tools to meet the increasing demand by increasing the number of needed EdTech products and improving EdTech customers and supplier touchpoints through:

  • Analyzing demand (education sector and employers) for gaps in current available EdTech tools through focus groups and surveys.
  • Mapping global and local landscape of EdTech tools that match the local demand, and identifying candidates, proactively attracting key players to Saudi Arabia.
  • Ensure smooth and quick licensing of new tools (whether new or existing, local or global), providing clear checklists and standards.
  • aking these tools accessible for instructors\teachers\faculty and administrators.