NeLC monitors more than 400 violations against entities that do not comply with the regulations and standards



The National eLearning Center advised all beneficiaries to ensure that the eLearning or training programs are licensed by the Center before registering, to receive reliable eLearning and training services with the highest quality standards, which are available on the Center's website.

The Center has monitored more than 400 violations due to failure to obtain the necessary licenses or non-compliance with eLearning and training standards since the launch of the reporting service, and the necessary measures have been taken against them. In addition,  more than 1,300 licensed programs were followed up and their compliance with regulations and standards was verified, within the framework of governance and quality assurance of eLearning and training practices, and achieving the desired eLearning and training goals in a way that improves the learning and training scene in The kingdom.

The National eLearning Center urged entities providing eLearning and training programs to obtain the necessary licenses, which the Center provides through an interactive online platform concerned with facilitating the procedures for the journey of obtaining licenses for all educational, academic, and training institutions in government, private, and non-profit sectors. This is to ensure the quality of eLearning and training, enhance trust in its programs and outputs, and raise the efficiency of the sector in the Kingdom.

The Center called on all practicing and interested individuals to report eLearning or training programs that are not licensed by the Center through the reporting service .