Following the Expiry Period of the Mandatory Plan for Licensing Institutions and Programs
The National eLearning Center Urges Institutions to Apply for Licenses

The National eLearning Center urges Institutions wishing to provide eLearning programs to promptly apply for the necessary licenses. Unlicensed institutions will not be allowed to provide eLearning programs after the expiry period of the mandatory plan for licensing institutions and programs that ended on Thursday 10/3/2022.

The Center announced the compulsory licensing to provide eLearning programs. A deadline has been set for the institutions to rectify their status according to the mandatory plan that was extended for six months starting from 10/9/2021 to 10/3/2022. By the end of this plan, the institutions providing eLearning programs will be obligated to obtain licenses which will enable them to continue providing eLearning.


The Center commended the efforts made by institutions wishing to provide eLearning programs to comply with the Center standards, stating that 191 government and private institutions were able to obtain institution licenses, while 271 licenses were issued for eLearning programs.

The Center emphasized that, in accordance with Article (10) of the licensing regulations for providing eLearning programs adopted under the Center’s Board of Directors resolution No. (1/5/41) dated 12/12/1441 AH, unlicensed institutions will not be allowed to provide eLearning programs, and the Center will take the necessary legal action against the violating institutions. That is due to its mandate as an independent entity established by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Council of Ministers’ decision No (35) in 1439 H.

The Center continues to receive licensing requests from institutions wishing to provide eLearning programs through the center’s website

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