Special qualification for Institution

Service Details

Workshop subject: Qualification workshop on institutions Standards

General objective: To provide the applicants with proper knowledge on the institutions standards and required skills in the eLearning.

Duration: 3 Hours.


  • Explain the concept of National eLearning Center’s standard and the most significant terminologies in the field.
  • Explain the aim of applying the standards.
  • Provide the categories of the basic eLearning standards.
  • Provide details on the basic institutional standards.
  • Provide the description and requirements of each standard.



  • The maximum number of applicants for training is 20 trainees.
  • The maximum number of candidates or applicants for the workshop is 4 people.
  • The workshop is intended only for representatives of institutions and individuals entrusted with issuing licenses for institutions and programs.


تصنيف الخدمة
المستفيد من الخدمة
The institutions wishing to provide eLearning.