Training and Qualification

NELC qualifies and trains all the institutions and individuals providing eLearning\training programs on international & local best practices in the field that meet the NELC Standards and strategic goals.


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I.Qualifying institutions

NELC provides qualification programs to the institutions providing eLearning and training programs. These programs focus on enhancing the quality of eLearning and training through various training programs that aim to gain knowledge and skills, facilitate the NELC processes, enhance the best practices and empower the innovative solutions.

Institution qualification targets all the private, government and third-party sectors providing eLearning and training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including universities, colleges, training centres, schools, centres, online platform, academies and the institutions that are expected to transfer their eLearning and training programs to digital sector.

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II. Professional Certificates

The National eLearning Center provides professional and specialized certificates in eLearning and training. The certificates mainly focus on qualifying the eLearning professionals through enhancing their knowledge, skills and abilities.

The professional certificates target the individuals working in eLearning and training in higher education, public education, training institutions and the platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including public, private and third-party sectors. more details


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III. eLearning Awareness

The National eLearning Center provides eLearning awareness programs and initiatives that aim to raise the awareness of community, institutions and individuals in terms of eLearning and training culture based on the best international practices.
The awareness programs and initiatives target the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s community, public, private and third-party sectors in the eLearning and training field.