National eLearning Center Organizing Specialized Webinars on eLearning

The National eLearning Center organized a series of webinars inviting national and international experts in eLearning. Such initiatives are part of NELC efforts to promote the success of the transition to eLearning during the suspension of educational institutions caused by the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic across the world. These webinars are conducted to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences aiming at enhancing eLearning environments and improving its practices. 

The event was launched Monday 30-3-2020 with a webinar titled (Student Interaction in eLearning) presented by Dr. Abdullah Al-Mohya, a member of NELC Board of Directors, Dr. Emtinan Alqurashi, responsible for eLearning and Distance Learning Development at Temple University and Dr. Fahad Alnazi, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at University of Hail.

The speakers emphasized the significant role of the students and their interaction in enhancing the success of eLearning environments. They stressed that the students' interaction is the core of the learning process, and that learning is not the result of teaching, rather the result of the learners' participation and engagement. The webinar involved a high level of interaction and participation from the attendees who enriched the event with their inputs and inquiries. 

 It is worth noting that there are several subsequent webinars, including a webinar to be held today, Wednesday, April 1 at 7:30 pm, entitled "The Future of Transformation towards eLearning and Distance Education”, presented by Dr. Ahmad Alanazi, Dean of eLearning at Northern Borders University, Dr. Tahani Aldosemani, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology and Consultant at the Ministry of Education and Dr. Aydh Alkhimshi, General Director at the Ministry of Education and a Specialist in eLearning.

Another webinar is to be held Monday 4/6/2020 entitled “Platforms and the future of education”, presented by Eng. Sami Al-Hussein, Co-founder of Rwaq and Mahara, Dr. Fahad Alahmari, The Dean of eLearning at King Khalid University and the KKUX supervisor and Dr. Abdulaziz Alsaeed, The Founding Partner of Noon Academy.