NELC Emphasizes the Importance of eLeaning Licensing

The National eLearning Center directed all educational sectors including K-12, higher education, training institutions, and eLearning or training programs providers to submit their applications to obtain the licenses for providing eLearning programs prior to the end of the set deadline (in 90 days).

The Center stressed the importance of meeting all necessary licensing requirements; before the end of the period granted to issue the license, which ends on 2/2/1443 corresponding to 9/9/2021, as no institution without a license can provide eLearning and training programs after that date. The Center allows the application for licenses through an interactive online platform that facilitates the procedures for obtaining licenses for government or private educational, academic and training institutions.

Through the licensing service, NELC aims at enhancing eLearning and training services, governing their practices, enhancing trust in eLearning and training programs and their outcomes and raising the efficiency of the sector in the Kingdom, to ensure sustainable eLearning and training solutions, in addition to monitoring and evaluating the quality of all programs and ensure their alignment with standards according to international best practices.

The Center provides license for institutions; to ensure their readiness and ability to provide eLearning and training, and license for programs; to ensure the efficiency of learning and training programs and their compliance with the NELC’s standards.

NELC’s Licenses are granted to the institutions and programs after several procedures that are aligned with the regulations and standards of the Center, which considered to be guidelines to control the quality of eLearning for government and private educational, academic and training institutions that have been established in accordance with the best practices and international standards resulted from surveying the views of the beneficiaries, holding workshops for stakeholders, and conducting meetings with specialists and experts in eLearning, to develop and publish the standards and processes necessary for the governance of eLearning and training, in accordance with the objectives of the Center’s mandate.


NELC urges all institutions wishing to provide eLearning and training programs to submit their applications through the Center’s website For inquiries, contact NELC Tel: (920015991) Email: