NeLC Participates in OE Week 2023

The National eLearning Center participates in the annual Open Education Week (OE Week), organized by Open Education Global. OE Week takes place from 6-10 March 2023. It aims to enrich the open educational content, enhance the value of shareable content, explore leading local and international experiences in the field of open educational resources (OER).

The NeLC showcases the efforts made in focusing on OER development to contribute to achieving sustainable socio-economic development. The OER are educational resources that are published in the public domain or issued under the licenses of intellectual property that allow free use, modification and sharing of resources. During its participation in the OE Week, the NeLC will also present the Open Educational Resources Platform (OERx). It is an online national platform that aims to build and share high quality educational, training and awareness resources in many fields and specialties that are available to all, in integration with the concerned entities to support online learning and teaching.

The OERx Platform is an enabler of the National Program for Open Educational Resources under the supervision by the NeLC through granting and issuing the necessary open licenses that allow institutions and stakeholders to publish, share and reuse the educational content for free in accordance with the digital content standards. This aims to develop and enrich the online open educational content, enhance the role of institutions in raising the quality of open educational outcomes, provide and sustain abundant educational opportunities. The platform provides more than 12,000 educational resources available to all, that are shared with more than 80 national public, private and non-profit institutions.

The National eLearning Center announced the start of registration in the course of Open Educational Resources: Concept and Practice. The course aims to support open educational resources and ensures proper employment of OER in education through FutureX Platform. In addition, the NeLC is organizing a webinar on Saudi Arabia’s Role in Supporting Open Education as part of its participation in the OE Week. The webinar will provide an introduction and overview of the open educational resources and OER impact in enhancing the comprehensive national renaissance.

Furthermore, a professional certificate in the open educational resources (OER) will be launched by NeLC in the near future. Obtaining this certificate will contribute to achieving performance excellence, raising educational quality, as well as motivating and engaging individuals to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in OER and participate in achieving the overall goals at the institutional level.