The Center holds a workshop in cooperation with (ADAA)

Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the National eLearning Center held a workshop in cooperation with the National Center for Performance Measurement (ADAA), for a number of NELC’s leaders and employees to build strategic goals, indicators and objectives in a systematic methodology that guarantees clarity and accuracy based on approved foundations and standards, which contributes to raising awareness, improving performance measurement and management processes, and enhancing the continuity of achieving targets in accordance with international best practices in the field.

The workshop addressed several topics that contribute to improving the organizational and strategic performance of the NELC, which focuses on the strategic map, strategic plans and initiatives, strategy management and execution, performance indicators and targets, and others.

This cooperation between NELC and ADAA aims to empower and build human capabilities, enhance integration between the two parties to achieve the desired goals and objectives, and serve their common interests.