The Center Issues +1,100 Licenses for Institutions and Programs

The National eLearning Center issued +1,100 licenses to provide eLearning in the Kingdom since the announcement of the licensing service in February 2020 for training, K-12, and higher education institutions and eLearning providers. The Center licensed 331 institutions and 804 programs as they have fulfilled the Center’s requirements and standards.

Through these licenses, the Center aims at governing and controlling the quality of eLearning practices, raising the sector’s efficiency in the Kingdom, enhancing trust in eLearning programs and outcomes, and enabling the provision of sustainable eLearning programs, through the development of basic and future skills, and the gain of knowledge, as eLearning is one of the key enablers for the human capabilities development.

The Center urges individuals wishing to enrol in eLearning programs (distance or blended) to ensure that the institution and the program have obtained the licenses from the Center, to ensure access to reliable and high-quality eLearning services.

The Center continues to receive licensing applications for institutions wishing to provide eLearning programs via the Center's portal For inquiries, please contact us:

Tel.: 920015991