National eLearning Center Director General Receives the Rector of the Saudi Electronic University

National eLearning Center’s Director General, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammad Alwalidi, welcomed in his office this morning Her Excellency the Rector of the Saudi Electronic University Dr. Lilac bint Ahmed Al-Safadi to discuss the collaboration opportunities and promising developments in the field of eLearning, focusing on the accelerating shift towards eLearning in education we have been witnessing globally.

Dr. Alwalidi stated that the NELC and SEU are moving forward towards a more effective cooperation and coordination stage to promote the digital transformation in education across the Kingdom in alignment with the global practices and the Kingdom's vision 2030.

Dr. Alwlaidi expressed his sincere appreciation to SEU leaders and members, wishing Dr. Lilac Al-Safadi success in her mission at SEU, stating that eLearning has become a strategic choice both on national and global levels referring to the unprecedented events caused by COVID-19 pandemic and how that contributed to accelerating the shift to eLearning strategies. This, in turn, required all parties to collaborate and join their efforts to support the transition and enhance its efficiency.