Board of Directors of the National eLearning Center, chaired by the Minister of Education, approves the standards and licencing regulations for providing eLearning and training programs.
Board of Directors of NELC, chaired by the Minister of Education, approves the standards and licencing regulations.

His Excellency the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National eLearning Center, Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh, approved eLearning standards in K12 education, higher education, and training entities, as well as licensing regulations to provide elearning and training programs, which aim to govern online learning and training practices for entities that provide elearning or training programs.

Dr. Al-Sheikh said while chairing the fifth meeting of the Center's Board of Directors that the adoption of the standards and regulations is considered a new and important stage of eLearning in the Kingdom, explaining that this step will enable universities as well as educational and training institutions to provide elearning and training programs efficiently and effectively, and within a mechanism to control and develop these practices to keep up with the international best practices and the global trend towards eLearning, and the Kingdom's 2030 vision, which is based on developing human capabilities.

Dr. Al-Sheikh added that the standards and licensing regulations that have been adopted are the result of efforts, coordination and cooperation with Saudi universities and relevant educational and training entities, and through meetings with eLearning specialists and experts in the Kingdom. It is also considered a new start for NeLC work, and an important step for the development, regulation and governance of the elearning and training process in the Kingdom.

During the meeting, the new brand identity of NeLC was launched, which was based on three elements: Promoting reliability in eLearning programs, enabling integration between education and employment entities, and driving innovation in digital transformation in education.

The General manager of NeLC, Dr. Abdullah AlWalidi, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to his Excellency the Minister of Education, and to the members of the Center’s Board of Directors for their considerable efforts, which resulted in proper presenting of these standards and regulations, which align with the requirements of the current stage, and will have a positive impact on developing and upgrading the level of elearning and training in the Kingdom.