The National eLearning Center Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Center for Mental Health Promotion

The National eLearning Center signed two memoranda of understanding with the National Center for Mental Health Promotion, to develop human capacities in mental health fields. The memoranda were signed by the Director-General of the National eLearning Center, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammad Alwalidi and the General Manager of the National Center for Mental Health Promotion, Dr. Abdul Hamid bin Abdullah Alhabib.
The first memorandum included the launch of the eLearning initiative to promote mental health through the National eLearning Platform, FutureX, by providing flexible learning pathways; where the learner undergoes intensive training for 3 months. The pathways include coping with stress, life skills training, wellbeing and mental health, primary mental health care, and mental health in the workplace. Also, the initiative provides 1,000 learning opportunities from 25 diverse courses provided by the best global leading  platforms. That is to provide access to trusted eLearning that contributes to the development of the individual's basic skills and future skills by linking providers and beneficiaries according to
a governance that ensures quality, equal opportunities and learner's experience improvement.

The second memorandum aims to provide a number of the NELC services, including the qualification to obtain eLearning licenses in accordance with the its standards, uploading learning materials in the National Program for Open Educational Resources to enrich reliable content, developing technologies for electronic platforms, and collaborating in building initiatives that aim to enhance the mental health of employees at various sectors in the Kingdom.

Dr. Alwalidi stated that the Center aims, through these agreements, to enable the institutions to access and make optimal use of the Center’s services to provide lifelong learning opportunities and promote integration and the sharing economy in the sector. He stressed that the Center would work with the NCMH to create an innovative learning experience that promotes mental health and enables learning from international experiences in the field.

Dr. Alhabib said that the NCMH is keen to build effective partnerships that achieve its strategic goals to promote the mental health of the community. He emphasized the importance of the partnership with the NELC and its vital role in the eLearning which we aspire to be the first exceptional joint work to advance mental health awareness among members of society and improve the quality of their lives through the use of latest educational technologies.