The National eLearning Center standardizes the eLearning terminologies in Saudi Arabia

The National eLearning Center has published, through its website, a set of the most widely used eLearning terminologies at the local and international levels, in both Arabic and English, to standardize their usages and concepts at the national level.

The Center captured these terminologies from the international definitions in eLearning with the participation of local and foreign experts and specialists in the field and translated them into Arabic in line with the proper contexts in Saudi Arabia. This effort aims to provide a list of standardized eLearning terminologies that are consistent with latest developments and changes in the field as a reliable reference for the beneficiaries.

This initiative comes to keep pace with the rapid development and increasing demand for eLearning in the Kingdom, avoid the use of inaccurate terminologies and provide a standardized reference that facilitate their usage and sharing among institutions and individuals through various platforms and applications.

The Center is mandated to govern and regulate eLearning, control its practices in Saudi Arabia, enhance trust in eLearning, enable integration between various institutions, encourage innovation in eLearning, and develop and measure eLearning indicators.

The Center urges all institutions and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to refer to and use the official eLearning terminologies and their definitions published at

To view: the eLearning Terminlogies list

(eLearning Terminologies | National eLearning Center)