Granting "e-learning licenses" to four universities

The National for eLearning Center announced the licensing of King Abdulaziz University, King Faisal University, Qassim University, and Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University to provide eLearning programs, in accordance with the NeLC regulations, and standards that have been recently approved.

As for the licensed eLearning programs, King Abdulaziz University is licensed for Diploma in Professional Sales, Marketing, Public Administration, Banking and Insurance. King Faisal University is licensed for diploma in marketing and sales, banking and insurance, and public administration, while Qassim University licensed for diploma in digital marketing, logistics and supply chain management, accounting, and sales. In addition, Princess Nourah University is licensed for Marketing Diploma.

It should be noted that the NeLC has recently launched Licensing services for eLearning and training programs in all government and private institutions. Many institutions have applied for this service, and the NeLC is currently processing their application.

The Center had given the eLearning or training providers a period of one year to acquire the license, four months have already passed since the effective date of the licensing regulation and if the license is not acquired, no institution is allowed to offer eLearning or training.

The licensing service, along with the eLearning and training regulations and standards, are part of the Center's efforts to control the quality of eLearning in the Kingdom, as set forth in the Center's regulation issued by the Council of Ministers’ decision.

It is worth mentioning that the Center has taken many steps recently to elevate the level of quality of eLearning and controlling its practices, especially with the accelerating global trend towards eLearning, which has become a necessity and a strategic option for the future after COVID-19.