The National Program for Open Educational Resources (OER)

A program that aims to enable entities and individuals to open educational content, by organizing the publication, authoring, use, and financing of open educational resources.

 Among the initiatives of the program:


It is an online platform that aims to enrich open educational content; to support education and search for a sustainable path to partnership in design, improvement, maintenance, and quality of digital educational content, and to contribute to providing more educational opportunities for speakers of the Arabic language.


shms sana

Creating an interactive system for training sessions and lectures, with the ability to record and share them via online broadcast service, in line with the most prominent e-learning techniques and tools.. More

shms author

A system that contains a variety of tools that allow the design, sharing and reuse of interactive content, and the SHAMS Composer system provides a variety of tools, the most important of which are the timeline tool, the chat tool and the Twitter user feed and others.



shms Academy

It is an e-platform that organizes the training and educational process for (Rabeh) license, and also includes all previous initiatives under one roof.


The National e-Learning Platform

National MOOC platform aims to:

  1. Enabling access to lifelong learning & development.
  2. Improving the agility and efficiency of education through eLearning.
  3. Ensuring the alignment between education outcomes and labor market needs.