How artificial intelligence is impacting online learning. Responding to Chat GPT, Bard and new open AI resources
2023-03-20 1:00 PM


Professor Rose Luckin

Professor of Learner Centred Design, UCL Knowledge Lab - United Kingdom



Dr. Alhanoof Alohaly

Senior Researcher - National eLearning Center



Professor Hanni Muukkonen

Professor in Educational Psychology, Learning and Learning , Processes Research Unit, Faculty of Education and phycology - University of Oulu, Finland



Dr. Fady Alnajjar

Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, College of IT - United Arab Emirates University



Professor Matthew Montebello

Head of AI Department, Faculty of Information & Communication Technology - University of Malta




Artificial intelligence is changing the way students learn. This type of language model AI can write flawless computer code and academic essays exceeding the standard of the average student. The implications this have for all of teaching and learning are enormous. AI and its interoperability with eLearning systems in online learning and assessment simply cannot be ignored.

  1. Are AI systems in education credible and trusted?
  2. The response to using ChatGPT in education.
  3. Utilizing AI systems to empower adaptive learning in online learning environments.
  4. Examples of using AI in education and its significant contribution to student learning.
  5. Can new developments in AI technology support upskilling and reskilling of the workforce through eLearning?
  6. The role of AI in digital credentialing for recognition of competencies.