Stackable Micro-Credentials: Industry Perspective
2022-10-12 11:00 AM


Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)
Queensland University of technology, Brisbane, Australia



Margo Griffith

Co-Chair Cross Sector Micro-Credentialing Community of Practice



Dr. Asheley Jones

SFIA Accredited Consultant



Webinar Description:

In this webinar we will examine the dynamic state of the skills movement, the move towards skills-based hiring and skills based learning and the requirements from a business perspective that need to be in place to facilitate this change.
We also address the need to consider the unlying technology stack to ensure both human and machine visibility at scale via open linked data standards.


  1. To help the audience understand the global context for stackable micro-credentials from an industry perspective - the emerging skills ecosystem, the market forces and the innovative projects underway.
  2. To provide scaffolding for developing micro-credentialing strategies for professional bodies and businesses.
  3. To highlight the need for a twin strategy track of learning architecture and technology architecture to achieve scalable and equitable learning outcomes.





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