LXP and the Evolving World of Higher Education
2022-08-16 4:00 PM



Dr. Teemu Patala


Director & Co-founder, Context Learning Finland Oy



Dr. Don Olcott Jr.

President, HJ Associates
Professor of Leadership and Open and Distance Education, University of South Africa
Chair of Council of Fellows, European Distance and E-learning Network



Dr. Lisa Blaschke

Consultant in online and self-determined learning
Senior Fellow, European Distance and E-learning Network



Webinar Description:

This webinar will discuss the emergence of LXP and how this impacts the world of higher education and academia. It will contrast functionality with traditional LMS and will probe the advantages and challenges of adopting LXP at higher education levels.


  1. To explore and debate LXP in terms of its potential interface with traditional systems.
  2. To examine issues raised by LXP, such as lack of control of content, or control of students.
  3. To explore how LXP interacts with curriculum design, control and standards.
  4. To examine how LXP shapes emerging technologies and their applications in higher education.





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