LXP or LMS? Features and Challenges - Series 1
2022-08-03 4:00 PM



Dr. Alan Bruce


CEO, Universal Learning Systems
Senior Fellow, European Distance and E-learning Network



Mr.Keith Quinn

Digital Learning Design & L&D Consultant & Founder, Random Access Learning Fellow, Learning and Development Institute



Dr.Teemu Patala

Director & Co-founder, Context Learning Finland Oy



Webinar Description:

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is an emerging product category which challenges and, in some cases, replaces our traditional understanding of the LMS (Learning Management System) and what it can do. This webinar will explore the implications of LXP for the learning and development sector by discussing the impact on two domains: the corporate lifelong learning sector; the academic and higher education sector. The webinar will look at background and context to LMS as well as the specific characteristics of the emerging LXP sector. LXPs have significant implications for connectivism, rhizomatic learning and self-directed learning. But how does this operate in the existing world of structures, control and curricula? How can an LXP enhance learning? How does this fit with existing LMS systems? This webinar will explore these and other questions about the emerging LXP.


  1. To explore the background, context and processes surrounding the emergence of the LXP.
  2. To analyze the trends and issues in the LXP.
  3. To probe the characteristics, opportunities and challenges in the LXP.
  4. To compare and contrast the LXP and traditional LMS.
  5. To discuss the value of the LXP in both corporate and academic settings.
  6. To debate and contrast the issues in the LXP and the future of learning.





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